The Silent Housewife III – #FinishtheStoryFriday


Initially, I had no plans of killing Ola but the thought of poisoning him had never sounded this exciting to me. I know. Don’t judge me. These thoughts are even new to me but the more I meditate on it, the more excellent it feels. Don’t get me wrong. I love Ola. Well, I did until recently.  Killing him will solve most of my problems. I won’t see his ugly face anymore and I will gain the respect of my daughter.

I still prepare Ola’s meals even though he selects the days he wants to eat them but the truth is, I really don’t care. Even if he doesn’t take the poisoned meal tonight, he might take it the next day and I would be a free woman. Those thoughts gladden my heart.

“Would you really kill your husband, Mrs. Obiagwu?” Mrs. ‘perfect’ marriage counsellor’s question jostled me from my evil…

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Just married? Tips for Buying your First Home

Married couples often have the upper hand when it comes to buying property. Thanks to combined incomes and higher spending power, coupling up can take you one step closer to purchasing your dream home.

However, there are some important differences in the home-buying process for couples and singles. With this in mind, global property portal Lamudi has provided a cheat sheet for newlyweds and other couples looking to enter the real estate market for the first time.

Open an investment account

Although properties are primarily quoted in cedis, the reality is that they have dollar valuations. Foreign exchange fluctuations make it all the more important to open investment accounts instead of keeping all your funds in a savings account. Investment instruments are great hedging tools against depreciation and a good way to save more towards buying your first home.

Look at both your finances

Combining your total household income is a great way to qualify for a mortgage. By pooling your combined income, you will be able to afford a larger down payment and get a better deal on your mortgage. Other private properties owned by you or your spouse could be included to increase your net worth.

Investigate a partnership agreement

For unmarried couples who are nevertheless looking to purchase a home together, a home buying partnership agreement could be worth your while. This serves as a kind of prenuptial agreement for your home and protects both parties if the relationship does not work out. The legally binding agreement will outline the ownership terms, who pays for expenses such as mortgage repayments and taxes, and how the property will be divided in the event of a break-up.

Track your finances

Once you have qualified for a mortgage, developing a good system for monitoring your combined finances is essential. The first step is to create a shared budget that you will both adhere to. Simple measures like applying for a joint bank account can simplify the process of tracking your finances. You might also consider using a budgeting app to stay organised. Above all, set a regular time to sit down together and review your goals and your financial position, and make sure

you stay on track.

Face-to-Face with Macho

I went to Kantomanto to get a new shirt and a pair of shoes for the meeting with the guys. The guys met every Saturday night to either watch the European League on the Bar’s large screen or drink beer and “domedo,” and argue about anything and everything. Last week’s meeting was fun especially when my team won their match. Of course that earned me the bragging right and throughout the night I kept buying more beer for the guys.

This weekend’s meeting is going to be different because Kofi is going to introduce a couple ladies from his office to us. It’s not going to be just the usual drink and “domedo” or football with the guys but we are going to have some pretty ladies on our table. Who knows? One of them will make me change my relationship status – from single to married.  I love being the eligible bachelor. I enjoy the stares I get from ladies every time I walk into a room. Yeah, I know I am handsome and I have style plus I have a lot of money to spend. A few ladies have shown interest but sometimes I feel I am not ready to settle just yet. I guess you must be wondering what I am doing in Katamanto,  if I claim to have so much money.

Well, Katamanto is where I can get original “G-Star” t-shirts. I don’t trust the guys who sell them in the boutiques. I think most of them get their stuff from Togo and after one wash, the design peels off. I have stopped taking chances that is why I am headed to my friend in the market who sells original “G-star” t-shirt at an amazing prize.

It looked like God was angry today because the sun was scorching. It almost burnt my delicate skin.  Sometimes I hate the weather in this country especially when it’s extremely hot like today but I need to look great for the meet-up. I walked straight to my guy’s stall to get my stuff and I got a cool deal. I strolled to the roadside afterwards and flagged my hand to stop a taxi. I told him where I was headed and he agreed to drive me there.

The journey was quite smooth, once in a while we passed comments about the political discussion being transmitted on the radio and I realized

the taxi driver and I shared almost the same opinion over issues. There were no stops mainly on the road because it was a weekend and in a few minutes, we were in front of my house. I bundled my shoes and shirt at the back of the seat, took my wallet out and asked the driver for the fare. He mentioned 20 cedis. I told him I was going to pay 8 cedis because that was the amount I usually paid from Kantamanto to my house.  He insisted 20 cedis and he was going to take nothing else.

“I am not going pay anything more than 8 cedis.” I said, trying to feign calmness.

We kept going back and forth till the driver jumped out of his seat and walked to my side of the car. He opened my door and pulled me off the seat. That was when I realized how the driver was infuriated. He was tall and muscular too. He could easily win the Mr Ghana contest.  He got hold of shirt and raised me high in the air. I became more confused when I felt a punch landing on my lips. I wasn’t too sure if my tooth had fallen off but I could taste blood in my mouth. I tried screaming for help but I was too shy to do that. A lot of people in my neighbourhood respect and admire me not only for my looks but for my wealth (Yeah, I know you are tired of hearing that). Before I could think of what to do next, the driver slipped his hands into my jeans pocket and took out my wallet. He pulled out the last 20 cedis I had and threw my wallet on the road and gave me another punch in my stomach before he dropped me on the ground.

He walked into the taxi and started the ignition. He looked at me lying on and the ground and screamed, “This long journey you want to pay 8 cedis, never try playing smart.  See your ugly face, foolish man.”

And with those words he drove off. I don’t know which stung more: the punches or insults.

The Visit to Flagstaff House :)

Flagstaff House

Flagstaff House- photo

Have you ever been to the Flagstaff House, the seat of presidency of Ghana? I doubt you have ever had that experience but what will you do when your boss calls you unexpectedly and invites you for a programme which was going to take place at the presidency? Of course, I know you. I know you will hardly give it any thought. You will immediately jump at the idea without even finding the aim of the programme you are attending.

“What else will I need? A passport, an id? Anything?” You will ask yourself anxiously. From the look of things, you will not sleep the night before the programme. Immediately, you will log into your Facebook account and update your status, “Meeting with the President tomorrow.”

“Promising you updates from my Flagstaff House Visit.” You will put on Twitter and on Instagram.

Finally, it’s Friday. The day you get to enter the Flagstaff House. You will put on your best dress and the shoes you take to church. Indeed, you will want to look your best, in case there is some international press. You will even take pictures of yourself and tweet, “How do I look? Meeting the President of Ghana today.”

You meet up with the rest of the group and you finally get to know the purpose of programme. The aim is, one of the richest people in Africa is launching a programme for the youth.

“Who cares?” You will think to yourself. All you care about will be  the fact that you get to enter the Flagstaff House and see the President of your homeland, this time not on television screen but in person. You know how you love to brag to your friends about being the first person to do anything. Your friends are already in trouble. They will not hear the end of it. At least for the next year.

When you enter the Flagstaff House, you will be amazed at the magnificent edifice. Who built it actually? You will think to yourself but I know you. You don’t care. The most important thing is that it has been built and you are visiting it for the first time.  You will get to the reception and your bags will be searched. You will get to the second security point and your bags will even be searched more thoroughly. The security men will take all the electric devices you have on you. You will be worried because you cannot update your Facebook and Twitter pages. You know some of your friends will actually doubt you are meeting with the president. As usual, you will say to yourself, “Who cares?”

You are about entering the meeting room, where you will finally meet the President of your motherland. This is the icing on your cake, the main topic for your discussion tomorrow when you meet up with the girls:). A tap on your shoulder will suddenly jostle you from your day-dream and bring you back from cloud nine.

“What?” You will ask with a slight frown on your face.

“There are too many people in the meeting room, I am sorry we cannot accommodate any more of you.” The policeman will respond.

Before you will digest the news entirely, another policeman will appear from nowhere and start shoving you from the corridor. “Please move. We don’t allow people to stand in the corridors.”

You will be whisked away by the men in uniform and your dream of meeting with the president will forever remain a figment of your imagination.

“What updates will I give to my Twitter followers and Facebook fans?” You will think to yourself.




A Petition to FIFA -from the Concerned Non-Football Lovers Assoc.(CoNFLA)


Dear FIFA,

My name is Miss Dee, member and secretary to the Concerned Non-Football Lovers Association (CoNFLA). Well, from our name, you may think we hate the game of football but that is not the case. We do not hate it. We are rather not too passionate about it. Below are a few recommendations you may want to look at, if you want to catch the attention of members of the association (WARNING – don’t think we form  the minority; you should ask round, there are so many of us).

So FIFA, first of all, members of CoNFLA believe the 32 teams that are selected to contest for the World cup are just too many. Why do we say that? We sat down to watch the games and we thought genuinely, some teams know their strengths. Deep down in their hearts, they know they can never lift the trophy. We got amazed when the anthems of these nations were sang and they shut their eyes as if they were going to play really hard and lift the cup on the final day but FIFA, since you started organizing this World Cup from 1930, has there ever been a surprise? Has any other country won apart from those who have the track records? So what is CoNFLA saying about this? We are saying you should use your discretion to select two nations from Europe, two from South America, two from Asia and the USA. Initially, we thought you should select two from Africa but you can use your discretion here too. You can make it one or even not select an African country. Yes, we know we are Africans and from our performance at previous and the just ended tournaments, trust us, we won’t mind if we do not make the final cut. The other option we would like to recommend is for you to invite teams that have won trophies in previous tournaments. They are the ones who will certainly lift the trophy. Or you don’t think so?

Our second recommendation is to use one week for the World Cup instead of the entire month. When you select just eight teams, it means we will start from the quarter finals. Won’t that be great? It will even be more exciting for the fans and the footballers. They will have enough rest and it’s likely none will sustain any injury and members of CoNFLA will not be forced to watch football for an entire month. Even if you like, don’t show the matches on television. Just announce to us who the winner was, in a press conference. We will appreciate that very much.

FIFA, if you take the above recommendations then you may not need these ones but if you still decide to go with the 32 teams then please, from the quarter finals stage onwards, any team that concedes more than two goals should be fined; they should only be pardoned if they play penalties. In this case, a country like Brazil which conceded about 10 goals in their past two games should be fined $10000 per goal. So FIFA let’s multiply that by ten and see how much FIFA will earn. Brazil did not only embarrass themselves but they also blocked the chances of 28 other nations who would have performed better (maybe). This is something you may really want to consider.

We also heard you do not allow interferences from countries in football administration. FIFA, this is an area you should consider amending. Why? Because the teams are representing us, we support them with our money,time, our hearts and  all our emotions. Yes, including members of CoNFLA. When our nations are playing, we really sit behind our television sets to support them. So why are you saying we shouldn’t interfere, eh? Give us reasons. Why shouldn’t we sack these administrators and footballers or even beat them up if we feel they are not living up to task? Oh, don’t think we will lynch them; we will only have a system where each member of the team plus the administrators will receive a few lashes from the strongest man in the country. That will not kill them. We know they are strong, or?  We thought the Nigerian approach was great till you decided to sanction them. Just allow us to give it a try, only for a year and let’s see the outcome.

Anyway, FIFA, we are about to begin our second meeting. This time we are going to discuss how some rules in football should be changed in order to make the game more interesting to attract members of our association. Trust CoNFLA, we will not leave you in the dark.

Thank you.

The $20,000 Golden Baobab Prizes – Final Call for Submissions

golden baobab final call_blogunnamed

Dear Friend,

The 2014 Golden Baobab Prizes are making their final call for submissions. With about three weeks more to end the call, writers and illustrators are being encouraged to enter their story and illustration submissions, because this year’s prizes have more to offer.

The Prizes were earlier launched in February, 2014 and the deadline for submissions of all entries is Sunday, June 29th at exactly 23: 59 GMT. 

This year, Golden Baobab will award six prizes worth $20,000. These six prizes are:

  • The $5,000 Golden Baobab Prize for Picture Book
  • The $5,000 Golden Baobab Prize for Early Chapter Book
  • The $2,500 Golden Baobab Prize for Rising Writers
  • The $5,000 Golden Baobab Prize for Illustrators
  • The $2,500 Golden Baobab Prize for Rising Illustrators
  • The Golden Baobab Lifetime Achievement in Children’s Literature Award

The prize packages also include the opportunity to publish with and receive royalties from Golden Baobab and/or Golden Baobab’s top tier African and international publishing partners, the benefit of increased publicity that comes with being named a Golden Baobab Prize winner, and the opportunity to attend a Golden Baobab award ceremony and workshops.

Golden Baobab has been running three literature prizes for six consecutive years. These prizes invite entries of unpublished stories for children written by African citizens irrespective of age, race, or country of origin.  This year, it introduced two new prizes for illustrations. This is to discover, nurture and celebrate talent, passion and contribution to the African children’s literature space. Entrants will submit illustrations as per Golden Baobab specifications. The rules and regulations for the Illustration prizes have been translated to French, Portuguese and Arabic.

Entry information for the prizes can be found on the organization’s website, Entrants should note that the copyright of each entry submitted to the Golden Baobab Prizes remains vested in them. However, by submitting an entry, entrants declare that they are legally entitled to do so and give Golden Baobab permission to make their entry available for exclusive worldwide royalty-free usage, reproduction and distribution.

For information on how to enter the 2014 Golden Baobab Prizes, visit Golden Baobab’s website or contact the coordinator, Nanama B. Acheampong at