Miss Dee’s Experience With Online Shopping (A Lumia 820 with Play Store)

YES. So Miss Dee all of a sudden decided to get herself a new phone. All of sudden meaning, last week. Yes. Just last week. In the middle of it. Wednesday to be more precise. And the only place she decided to get the phone from was the popular online market which is suddenly being advertised everywhere, both radio and on TV, with people selling their stuff and dancing so joyfully (I am not too responsible for your guesses right now).

Miss Dee used precious office hours to surf this ‘popular’ site for her dream phone.  She ended up writing down a couple of phone numbers and zeroed down to a particular one. She called the line and a guy answered. Miss Dee said, “Hi, good morning, my name is Dee, actually Miss Dee. I was surfing the net and I came by your number. Can I get one of the Nokia Lumia 820 that you have advertised on the ‘famous’ site?” The guy on the other line replied, “Yeah,OK. I have just 2 left. A red one and a yellow one. One guy has ordered for one so tell me the colour you want so I save it for you.” Miss Dee thought for a while and in a cheerful tone replied,” Ok. I would want the red one. I have never owned a red phone before.” So Miss Dee made an appointment with the gentleman to confirm if she really wanted to the phone.

Miss Dee read all about the reviews on the Nokia Lumia 820 online. Well, it isn’t a bad phone after all. It has good reviews. In the evening, Miss Dee decided to get the phone from the online guy. They agreed on converging at a certain point in Accra the next day.

In the morning of the following day, they met at the agreed point. Josh/online phone dealer met Miss Dee. Miss Dee thinking she was good at judging people concluded Josh/online phone dealer looked unquestionable. He looked more like a guy in the university. Josh was spotted in a casual t-shirt and shorts with slippers. One of those people you may think had relatives abroad who brought stuff and he sold for them. Very unquestionable indeed.

Josh opened a bag with the 2 phones in it. A red one and a yellow one. Miss Dee chose the red one and Josh switched the phone on. It seemed everything was working alright, but looking at the accessories that came with the phone, there were some questions on Miss Dee’s mind. A red Nokia phone with a white ear piece? With no inscription of Nokia on earpiece? The charger also looked a bit funny and there was no inscription of Nokia on the charger either. But the phone looked great, Miss Dee thought. There was Nokia written at the top right corner of it and according to what she had seen online, that was where the Nokia inscription was supposed to be. Miss Dee decided to get phone anyways. She paid the ȼ350.00 or something around $175.00 for the phone. The exchange was made. Miss Dee with the Red phone and Josh with the cash.

Miss Dee took the phone home. Excitedly, she brought the device out of the box and started properly examining it.

First Question, Nokia wasn’t inscribed on the box too. Did Nokia forget to put their inscription on the box, the ear piece and the charger? Or it was intentional. Maybe one of the workers at the factory took the phone away before the inscriptions could be made on the box. That was just a thought.

Second Question, the Nokia Lumia, had Google Play store. Amazing huh? Miss Dee’s investigations later revealed that the Lumia was a windows phone and was supposed to have the windows phone store, not the play store. Play store was meant for android phones and the Lumia was not an android phone. Wow…All these revelations were made when Miss Dee was examining the phone in the house. Everything is revealing that there was something definitely wrong with the Lumia device she purchased.

The third and the biggest puzzle currently is, the phone cannot be connected to the internet. Yes. It cannot be connected to the internet.  Miss Dee has visited her telecommunications network but it seems there is nothing they can do about it at the moment. Reason? When they try the Access Point Names (APN), no options come up. In other words you cannot make any adjustment. The APN page is blank. The only thing you can on that page is to choose the BACK option.

the windows phone

the windows phone

So what does Miss Dee want from us

1. Help her find Joshua. Yes. The guy who sells the Lumia 820 Online. Even if he is not ready to refund the money (which she is perfectly aware that he wouldn’t do), he should at least switch his phone on to give her information on how to connect the phone to the internet.

2. The phone is also on display in Miss Dee’s house as a museum piece. Anyone who wants to see a Lumia with Play Store should come to her house for a fee. At least that will help her raise part of the money she has lost in the online deal.


8 thoughts on “Miss Dee’s Experience With Online Shopping (A Lumia 820 with Play Store)

  1. Is this for real? . Nice piece of writing. Keep writing miss dee. I love your sobriquet! (miss Dee). I can feel something big about to happen.

    • Pedel..She needs you to visit her house to view the phone, so she raises the money she has lost in the bad deal.

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