Miss Dee’s Photo Album

Yes. So Miss Dee loves holidays. She doesn’t care which holiday it is so far as she gets a break from work. The holiday could be a single public holiday or a number of holidays like the Easter or Christmas breaks. She simply doesn’t mind, so far as it consists of ‘not working.’  But her most favorite holiday is Christmas.  With Christmas, there is no specific number of days you will get free. This always depends on when the Christmas, Boxing and New Year days fall.  For instance this year, Miss Dee gets ten (10) free days off. Yes, 10 working days off. Nice Huh? Don’t envy her. She gets to relax and think about the future. Future issues here refer to getting married and giving birth, etc. Yes, of course, Miss Dee would also like to get married too,just like her mates from school.

Another reason Miss Dee chooses Christmas over all the other holidays is that, she gets to hear a different genre of music called Carols. She also gets to eat some kind of foods which on normal days you may never find at home. For example, during Christmas, one may find rare foods like Irish potatoes in Miss Dee’s house. She might also get to chew the chicken thigh instead of the usual feet, neck or wings. There may also be uncommon savories like some cakes, chips and biscuits in the fridge. This cake could either be a gift from somebody or baked by someone in the house purposely for guests who may appear in the house to wish the family well. And not forgetting the drinks, which may also be sleeping in the fridge, chilling themselves for the ‘famous guests.’ Mostly during this period, Miss Dee’s family overstocks the fridge imagining visitors will leave their homes and visit, which is always not the case. This is like an answered prayer to her; when the imaginary guests do not show up, because she gets to consume all the goodies.

One other major reason Christmas reigns supreme on Miss Dee’s calendar is that for that period in the lives of radio presenters, mostly the morning show host, they get to be silent or practically shut up. Miss Dee is not too sure whether it’s the stations policies for all talk shows to cease or politicians just leave out the ‘drama’ which they normally associate themselves with, leaving radio presenters and their guest nothing to discuss or what? But the good news is, radio presenters and the airwaves get to also rest during this period. Miss Dee is positive the airwaves enjoy Christmas like she does.  Instead of the usual ‘long talk’, listeners get to hear some good music and good will messages.  Miss Dee in this regard will support politicians, radio presenters and the airwaves to wish everyday to be Christmas. And since even the airwaves and the politicians and the radio presenters have all taken some break, she has also decided to reduce the talk or the writing and present some photos. Just a few photos she collected during the year. Maybe you could pick your favorite one ..and keep it as a Christmas gift from her……………………….


interesting photo. he investigates problems including enlarging the penis, wow

interesting photo. he investigates problems. problems like enlargement of penis?


up close… what is ‘IMPORTENCE?’


Herbal centre..solves problems

herbal centre..has solutions to everything except bad spelling

Upclose...What is BARINESS and ASTMA? wow

up close…What is BARINESS and ASTMA?


Miss Dee is not quite sure of what the couple is doing on the tree..

Miss Dee is not quite sure of what the couple is doing on the tree..


Nice pose..Miss Dee is certain Mr. Man is posing because it's he is enjoying his Christmas like she is.

nice pose..Miss Dee is certain Mr. Man is posing because he is enjoying his Christmas like the way she is.


But is it true this man is a teacher? Wow! then it's serious..

if this is true, then I guess he needs some help..


Seriously? Pastors wanted?

seriously? Pastors wanted?


This little boy is brave..He really asked that?

brave boy..He asked that?


Is he trying to spell Essien?

is he trying to spell Essien as in Michael Essien? ESSIEM?


Miracle party..what a name for a political party..Maybe the country needs a micracle

Miracle party..nice name for a political party..Maybe the country needs a miracle


Not too sure what language this is?BOIHOLE, DIGING etc

not too sure what language this is?BOIHOLE, DIGING etc.

On that note, Miss Dee wishes everyone a Merry Christmas….


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