Frustrations of an Unemployed Graduate-3rd Bit

Frustrations of an unemployed graduate.(photo credit:

Frustrations of an unemployed graduate.(photo credit:

Story so far – After staying at home for a while and writing over two hundred application letters, you get your first job interview schedule. You start preparations to meet the panel. And on the day of the interview……..

Finally the D-Day comes, though you tried very hard to sleep the previous night, you kept turning till it was morning. You jump out of bed when it is 3 am. The interview is at 11am, meaning you have about 8 more hours, but it is getting more difficult sleeping, as the clock ticked.

You jump out of bed, pick one of your pamphlets from your history courses and you start reading. Who knows? You may be asked questions about some of the things you learnt while you were in school. You read for a while, pause and then pick up the laptop. It just occurred to you. You do not even know what is happening in the country, or on the continent or in the world. You have never bothered yourself with these issues. But who knows? You may be asked some questions on current affairs. So you start visiting news websites, you read for an hour till you are certain you know what is happening in the world.

It’s 6 am already. You stop pre-empting the questions that the interviewers may ask,simply because you are tired at this point. You tell yourself that, if they ask you questions which you do not have answers to; you will simply tell them you did not know. After all, you are getting used to your new title: unemployed graduate.

You decide to iron your clothes in preparation for the interview and the lights suddenly go off. You curse under your breath as you think of ways to straighten your clothes before 11am. You choose to give the Electricity Company about an hour,if the lights did not come back, you were going to find other ways of straightening your clothes.

You go and lie down, still presuming how the interview will go. You jump out of bed all of a sudden for you to realize you had fallen asleep. You check the time and its 10am. You scream. You have exactly one hour to straighten your clothes, take your bath and find the way to wherever this micro-finance is. Fortunately,the electricity was back. You do everything quickly and in 30 minutes you are on your way to the first real interview of your life.

You get to the micro-finance and you see about 12 people already seated. Your palms begin to sweat, firstly from seeing the number of people already seated and secondly because, you do not know the number of people they are employing. You are simply nervous. You look round to see if you recognized anybody in the group, but you realize they are all unfamiliar. You see one lady reading a dictionary, another reading the news paper and a few others sitting and staring into space. But from the look on their faces, just like yours, they all seem anxious.

The interview process starts, you check your watch to see how many minutes each person will spend in the interview room. The first name is mentioned. He enters the room, he comes out and you realize he has been there close to an hour. He looked pensive as he came out of the room. The next person enters and comes back with tears in her eyes. You wonder what happened in there, because she spent just 10 minutes. With the tears in her eyes, you question what might have happened. Another lady enters and comes out with a broad smile on her face, almost as if she had gotten the job. She spent  about 40 minutes in the room.

Soon, it is your turn. You almost jump out of your seat in fright, when your name is mentioned. You walk into the room managing a few bold steps. You are asked to sit immediately you enter. You raise your head and count 8 people on the interview panel. Your heart begins to pound. “Why?” You wonder. “Are you going to be interviewed for the chairman for the micro-finance’s governing board? Why were there so many people on the panel?”  They had stern looks on their faces too.

This is more than you anticipated. There is only one thing running in your mind at the moment.

to be continued


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