Frustrations of an Unemployed Graduate-Concluding Bit

Frustrations of an Unemployed Graduate.(photo credit:

Frustrations of an Unemployed Graduate.(photo credit:


You walk home confidently, full of smiles. You instantly change your Facebook status to; “I cannot stop thanking you God, Teller Number 1”. You call Richard, your pessimistic friend, to narrate your interview experience to him, and for once, Richard listened to you. You are beside yourself with joy.

As you pass by that annoying fried potatoes seller, who always gives you the soft ones whenever you come to buy from her, you give her a smile and a wave. She looks at you surprised, because she does not remember the last time you greeted her, but she responds with wave.

In your mind, you see yourself dressed up in your white long sleeves and a pair of black  trousers, neatly ironed, properly tucked in, with your name tag on your chest, KOFI OWUSU. You are so excited.

You walk to your mum’s shop. You excitedly give her a big hug. With that, your mum concludes you have the job already. She picks up a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and pops it. She squeals, “Kofi has gotten the job oo…Kofi has the job ooo…”She starts dancing and cleaning your face with her wrapper, although no music is playing. Now, she was attracting the neighbours with what she was doing. You have to calm her down. But your mum’s excitement was infectious, so you decide to allow her have fun, while you pray the crowd that has gathered in front of her shop does not increase. She dances for about 15 minutes, wipes her face and takes her seat. The small crowd that gathered was dispersing. You decide to break the news to her.

“Maame, I have not gotten the job yet. The interview session only went well, at least from my point of view.” You watch as the smile on her face fades and replaced by a look of confusion “I am only praying I get called for the job.” You add, convincing yourself more with that statement.

Your mum reassures you. “So far as you said it went well, I know you will get the job.” You are persuaded by your mum’s words. You finish the glass of non-alcoholic wine that your mum poured and walked into your room. You throw away the file that contained all the documents that you took to the interview. You undress and lie down as you reminisce about how the day had gone. You sleep like a baby with a smile on your face.

The next day, you keep your phone by your side, expecting a very important call. You carry the phone everywhere, even to the bathroom when you are bathing. You do not want to miss that important call. You go through the day and no call comes through from the micro-finance.

You start the second day with the same level of expectation, but the call does not come through. You go through one full week without a call from the micro-finance. You start getting anxious. What if they have selected another candidate for the position? You call the micro-finance to find out what your prospects were. A lady answers the call, but refuses to give you a definite answer. You hang up more disappointed than before.

The second week comes to an end, and you have not heard any news from the micro-finance. Your depression level hits a level higher. You start planning what you will do when you are not called for the job. The thought alone makes you sad.

You go through the third, fourth and fifth weeks, without any news from the micro-finance. You are miserable and your mum, she is disheartened. Both of you have been waiting for that call for over a month now. You are now certain the job has been given to another candidate. The thought of going through another job searching process frustrates you. But you have no choice. It looks like the micro-finance has rejected you.


Sign of Frustration(photo


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