Eastwood Anaba: A man I want to meet personally

Eastwood Anaba (photo credit-www.eastwoodanaba.com)

Eastwood Anaba (photo credit-www.eastwoodanaba.com)

“The poverty in your house will let you think everybody is so poor.”
” The reason we are struggling is, we meet the wrong people.”

Those are some of the quotes from a preacher in Ghana called Eastwood Anaba. I cannot say I know him personally, but I always feel some deep connection with this man. The first time I had an encounter with him was when I visited Fountain Gate Chapel. I didn’t understand most of the things he spoke about then. But the real connection and admiration started developing when I attended the  Love Revolution Conference about two years ago. That was when I started stalking him. I know he preaches on Sunny 88.7 FM on weekdays at 11:30am and he appears on Ghana Television (GTV)on Thursdays at 11pm. I know he is a prolific writer with about 64 books to his credit. He is also a Manchester United fan. His website, www.eastwoodanaba.com.  All these are indications, I follow this man closely.

One of the things that attracts me to him is his articulation; making preaching look simple and his good sense of humour.  He jokes about everything including where he comes from, about the work he does; which is obviously preaching and even about his wife. He never seems to stop emphasizing that he is from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana; an area characterized by poverty which never gets featured on television, unless there is festival with a politician attending.

He also claimed he traveled to Chicago, looked up at a skyscraper which seemed to go into the sky;endless, and he asked his wife, if the God who created the people who made these buildings, is the same God who created Africans.

He testified that there was an experience he had once at the airport when he was about boarding a plane. A man met him with his fist raised up in the air, screaming on top of his voice, “Eastwood, Eastwood I owe you.” He narrated that he feared what the man was going to do and was glad when the man passed by him. He went to sit in the plane only to raise his head to see this same man approaching him, with his hand still raised. He also lifted his hands thinking the man was about to punch him only to realize that the man had dropped some money into his palms. Eastwood added,” I fear to say the man had dropped some dollars into my palms, because of the new Bank of Ghana regulations. So I will say he dropped ‘cedor’, a combination of cedis and dollars, into my palms.”

He shared an experience when his mum raised his dad up ,while his dad was in a drunken state. At that point he realized that there were women who were even stronger than men. With his dad lifted up against the wall,his mum added, “You are lucky a woman is not supposed to put a man on the floor as part of our culture, like I would have dropped you on the floor instantly. As his mum was about putting his dad on the floor, his dad wriggled his way from the woman’ s grip and landed heavily on the floor, pulling his mum along. Both of them toppled down, with his mum falling heavily on his dad. Anaba added.” Those people  respect culture, but a modern day woman will put the man to the floor and step on him. She will then add, God has given us the power to trample over scorpions and snakes.”

He never stops joking about his wife,whether she is present at the gathering or not. One of such jokes is when he said, ” My wife is very quiet as compared to me. She can keep quiet and work for hours while I cannot do that. There was a particular day that I decided to keep quiet to see if my wife will break the silence. I watched her as she worked on her laptop while I was itching to break the silence. I finally decided to break the silence by asking her that , so you too if I do not talk, you won’t talk?”

I really admire this man and the ease with which he does his work. Though, I am not a member of his church, I try to follow him anytime I hear he is having any programme. All that is stated above is a result of me ‘stalking’ him. It will not be bad to spend one full day with him, or is it a bad idea?


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