A letter to my Blog: Tourists Invasion

Dear Blog,

I know you are angry with me for not being a good friend. The agreement was one post a week and it’s been three long weeks since I posted something here. It hasn’t been my fault. We have some visitors from Germany. They are Germans, Caucasians, very white people and Blog, you don’t know what we went through. We (my family) virtually turned the house up-side-down. I don’t know if you are Ghanaian, but I know if you were, you would understand what I mean when I tell you we have ‘white’ people visiting us.

So I have been busy, but I know it’s no excuse for not speaking to you. I miss you a great deal. Blog, on a serious note I want to be rich. I know you are laughing and wondering why the sudden change of mind. Yes, I want to have money and tour the world. I want to visit castles in England, go skiing in Austria and bungy jump in Australia. Blog, people are really having fun touring the world. So younow see why I want to be rich?

Kakum Canopy Walk in Cape Coast

Kakum Canopy Walk in the Central Region

Did I tell you I followed the tourists to Kakum for the famous canopy walk? Oh, sorry. I haven’ t spoken to you in a while, so you probably don’t know. That was my first time and I know most people have spoken to you about it and how they were scared, but yours truly was nervous for the first part of the canopy walk and the rest was like she was walking in her bedroom- no flutters in tummy. In the end, I concluded the canopy walk fear has been hyped or people pretend to fear to catch the attention of others. I have seen videos on Youtube with people weeping while walking on that, but I was full of smiles on that walk. Maybe I need some suggestions on stuff that really scare the hell out of people because the Kakum Canopy Walk failed to do that to me. You could also try it one of these days.

Anyway, I was also at the Elmina Castle and you won’t believe what fellow Ghanaians do to tourists. Can you believe sea shells are sold to tourist for about 5 cedis? Don’t worry, I will show you photos of the shells I am talking about.

The sea shells with the inscription sold to tourists

The sea shells with the inscription sold to tourists

After the sea shells with some inscriptions in marker are handed over to the tourist for a fee, the tourist is given a form to sign and this form is supposed to support some football team in the community, and the poor tourist pays some money after she signs that form. And when I was trying to intercede, my fellow Ghanaian says to me in our local language, “Oh, Madam, why you don’t want us to eat?Let her give us something small.”  So I had to look on for the tourist, who has such a good heart, to support a football team whose match she will never see in her life. So Blog, what will you have done if you were to be in my shoes?

It seems I have spoken so much in this letter, so let me leave you to have some rest. I will definitely speak to you soon. No more long silence. Believe me.

Your Blogger Friend,



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