Raw Passions : Her Side of the Story I

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)


I am  trying my hands on something a bit more creative this time.  Raw Passion is in three parts: two parts from the point of view of the lady and the last part, from the point of view of the guy. Hope you  enjoy it……….

She felt close to him; It was that intimate kind of closeness. As he sat behind her on the bed with his head leaned on her shoulder, he started whispering sweet nothings into her ears. She felt great.

“This is what I have been missing all this while.” She thought to herself. “Something I haven’t experienced yet.”

It felt good and she did not want it to end. She kept inching closer and closer till she could feel him behind her. Suddenly she could feel something heavy of her left breast. She touched and it was his hand.

“What was he trying to do?” she thought

Things started getting a bit rough. She could just feel it, a premonition maybe. The hand that laid on her breast was now pulling it so hard she could feel the pain. Her heart was racing. She was getting scared because this was not what she had had in mind. She tried taking those heavy hands off her breasts, but it seemed he was stronger than she had imagined. She could feel the bulge in his pants. “There!” She thought again, “I have done it.” She had turned him on in the wrong kind of way. “Is there a right and wrong kind of intimacy?” She asked herself.

They have vowed to stay off any form of intimacy including cuddling and kissing till they got married.  But that was months or even years ago. Has he changed his mind? And was it her fault? All she wanted was some closeness. Not all of these.

He got up from behind and stood right in front of her. She thought it was over. But no, he was not finished with her yet. He pulled her in a rather tight embrace now. Very uncomfortable. He pulled away and took a step back. He looked at her intently, rather strangely, as if that was his first time seeing her. It almost felt as if there was fire in his eyes. She knew he was burning with passion and desire. He came closer again and held her tight. Even tighter than before. She could almost taste his desire. But that is something she knew she cannot satisfy simply because they have vowed to stay chaste. A vow is a vow, something that should not be broken so easily, right?

It’s not as if she has it easy. She has also been having her share of sleepless nights. There were times when she felt she needed someone close. But she knew she stood no chance of getting that kind of satisfaction. At least not now. She only sought for closeness, an embrace was what she had in mind. She didn’t mean to wake passions in him. She never imagined this will happen. It was as if he could not pull away from her.

His demeanor suddenly changed. Everything about him became rough, even the embrace. She started fearing what was going to happen next. Still holding her in his right arm, he tore her dress with his left hand. He threw the dress away as he stared at her partially exposed body. She didn’t recognize him at this point.




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