Vodafone Ghana Network Fall


ultimateI am a loyal customer of the above network. I woke up today, took my phone and was about checking the number of whatsapp messages I had missed while asleep, when I realized there was no network signal. I could only see Emergency Calls Only, boldly registered on my phone screen. I thought my phone was playing tricks on me. I switched it off and back on, and it still had Emergency Calls Only. Worried, I switched my phone off again and started preparing for work  (It normally takes 30 minutes to do that). All this while my phone was off. When I was about setting off, I switched my phone on and the network signal was not back. I put my phone off for the fourth time in one morning, took the battery and the sim card out, cleaned my phone thoroughly,inserted the battery and sim card and switched my phone on and to my frustration, there was still no signal. I became agitated, thinking my phone had developed a fault.

I planned on using the office line to call the Vodafone customer care line and to express my exasperation. When I got to the office and took the office line , which unfortunately was another Vodafone line, there was no network signal. There, I became convinced it was not my phone that had developed a fault, but it could be a network failure.

But thanks to the wireless internet service (which is not Vodafone), I could access my Facebook page and still do some work online. For some strange reason, it has never occurred to me to visit the Vodafone Ghana Page on Facebook, but today, I visited it and to my amusement, customers are lambasting the network provider for what the network provider is describing as “a wide nation power outage” as the cause of what customers are describing.

Here are some of the comments I found.

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