The Visit to Flagstaff House :)

Flagstaff House

Flagstaff House- photo

Have you ever been to the Flagstaff House, the seat of presidency of Ghana? I doubt you have ever had that experience but what will you do when your boss calls you unexpectedly and invites you for a programme which was going to take place at the presidency? Of course, I know you. I know you will hardly give it any thought. You will immediately jump at the idea without even finding the aim of the programme you are attending.

“What else will I need? A passport, an id? Anything?” You will ask yourself anxiously. From the look of things, you will not sleep the night before the programme. Immediately, you will log into your Facebook account and update your status, “Meeting with the President tomorrow.”

“Promising you updates from my Flagstaff House Visit.” You will put on Twitter and on Instagram.

Finally, it’s Friday. The day you get to enter the Flagstaff House. You will put on your best dress and the shoes you take to church. Indeed, you will want to look your best, in case there is some international press. You will even take pictures of yourself and tweet, “How do I look? Meeting the President of Ghana today.”

You meet up with the rest of the group and you finally get to know the purpose of programme. The aim is, one of the richest people in Africa is launching a programme for the youth.

“Who cares?” You will think to yourself. All you care about will be  the fact that you get to enter the Flagstaff House and see the President of your homeland, this time not on television screen but in person. You know how you love to brag to your friends about being the first person to do anything. Your friends are already in trouble. They will not hear the end of it. At least for the next year.

When you enter the Flagstaff House, you will be amazed at the magnificent edifice. Who built it actually? You will think to yourself but I know you. You don’t care. The most important thing is that it has been built and you are visiting it for the first time.  You will get to the reception and your bags will be searched. You will get to the second security point and your bags will even be searched more thoroughly. The security men will take all the electric devices you have on you. You will be worried because you cannot update your Facebook and Twitter pages. You know some of your friends will actually doubt you are meeting with the president. As usual, you will say to yourself, “Who cares?”

You are about entering the meeting room, where you will finally meet the President of your motherland. This is the icing on your cake, the main topic for your discussion tomorrow when you meet up with the girls:). A tap on your shoulder will suddenly jostle you from your day-dream and bring you back from cloud nine.

“What?” You will ask with a slight frown on your face.

“There are too many people in the meeting room, I am sorry we cannot accommodate any more of you.” The policeman will respond.

Before you will digest the news entirely, another policeman will appear from nowhere and start shoving you from the corridor. “Please move. We don’t allow people to stand in the corridors.”

You will be whisked away by the men in uniform and your dream of meeting with the president will forever remain a figment of your imagination.

“What updates will I give to my Twitter followers and Facebook fans?” You will think to yourself.





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