Vodafone Ghana Network Fall


ultimateI am a loyal customer of the above network. I woke up today, took my phone and was about checking the number of whatsapp messages I had missed while asleep, when I realized there was no network signal. I could only see Emergency Calls Only, boldly registered on my phone screen. I thought my phone was playing tricks on me. I switched it off and back on, and it still had Emergency Calls Only. Worried, I switched my phone off again and started preparing for work  (It normally takes 30 minutes to do that). All this while my phone was off. When I was about setting off, I switched my phone on and the network signal was not back. I put my phone off for the fourth time in one morning, took the battery and the sim card out, cleaned my phone thoroughly,inserted the battery and sim card and switched my phone on and to my frustration, there was still no signal. I became agitated, thinking my phone had developed a fault.

I planned on using the office line to call the Vodafone customer care line and to express my exasperation. When I got to the office and took the office line , which unfortunately was another Vodafone line, there was no network signal. There, I became convinced it was not my phone that had developed a fault, but it could be a network failure.

But thanks to the wireless internet service (which is not Vodafone), I could access my Facebook page and still do some work online. For some strange reason, it has never occurred to me to visit the Vodafone Ghana Page on Facebook, but today, I visited it and to my amusement, customers are lambasting the network provider for what the network provider is describing as “a wide nation power outage” as the cause of what customers are describing.

Here are some of the comments I found.

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Short Story: I woke up MARRIED!

Photo credit- www.fg-w.com

Photo credit- http://www.fg-w.com


Asantewaa woke up one morning startled. There was man lying on her bed snoring. She lifted her upper body and looked at the man trying to figure out who he was. She tapped him on the shoulder but he did not move. She shook him, a little harder now. He woke up and stared at her totally dismayed, maybe a little annoyed. He rubbed his eyes with his fist as if rubbing off the sleep too.

Asantewa asked, “Who are you?’

The man gazed at her, more bewildered by the question than being woken up so early.

“Asantewaa, what is happening?” He managed to say.

“What is your name and what are you doing on the bed?” She repeated the question, louder this time. He looked at her and smiled. She  repeated the question the third time and at this, he sat up straight,

“You are joking right?”  He asked, puzzled.

“I am serious.” She replied sternly, “Who are you and what are you doing on the bed with me?”

He shook his head as if trying to properly arrange her question in his mind. “I am your husband and this is our home.” He answered simply.

“You are my what?” She screamed.

“We are married.” He answered simply.

“How, when and  where was that?” Asantewaa asked, louder.

” We got married in your church. On the 14th of March.” Asantewa tried estimating the number of years she  has been married, but she couldn’t remember.

“How many years have we been married?” She asked him. Before he could reply, a girl of about four years entered the room. Asantewaa grew curious. She asked her ‘husband.’

“Who is this?” She asked, pointing to the girl who has just entered the room.

“Will you cut the jokes. I think you are beginning to get on my nerves” Her ‘husband’ replied. She could now sense his irritation.

“I am not joking.” She replied. ” I seriously do not remember you or our marriage or her.” She added, pointing to the little girl. He heaved a sigh and replied slowly, “That is our daughter. She is four years old.”

Asantewa  looked at the little girl who came running to her, calling her mummy. The little girl gave her a hug and the sweetest smile she had ever seen. She asked Asantewa to help her prepare for school. What a morning? Asantewaa said to herself. First this man claims she was his wife and now, this little girl is implying she is her mum.

Her ‘husband’ was now sitting quietly, deep in thoughts, trying to decipher if something bad had happened to his wife. He looked worried. Asantewa jumped from the bed with the little girl pulling her away.

The man held her dress and asked, “Asantewa, are you serious about this whole dimentia thing? Don’t you remember us or the marriage or her?” He asked.  “Should we see a doctor?”

She looked at him and asked again, “What did you say your name was? And what is her name?”

The man looked at Asantewa sadly, but replied, “We have to see a doctor. Did you hit your head against anything?”

He walked towards his wife and started examining her forehead. Before Asantewa could stop him, the little girl started pulling her away,  insisting she goes to help her prepare for school.

Asantewa repeated her question, “What is her name again?” Pointing to the little girl. She could see tears welling up in the eyes her husband’s eye.

Maybe she had taken this joke too far, she asked, “Kweku, what is today’s date?”

He looked up, sat still for a few seconds and replied, ” 1st April.”

Raw Passions : Her Side of the Story II

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)


He stood there staring at her naked body while she glared at him with fear and bewilderment in her eyes. Her eyes were wide open as her mind worked over time to ascertain what to do. Maybe she should scream, but even if she did that, she knew nobody would come to her aid because his parents were not at home and the closest house was at least four miles away. Screaming will be fruitless. She thought of kicking him in the groin and running away, but that will equally be fruitless. He will catch up with her in no time and even do something more drastic. She decided she will bear whatever was about befalling her.

It was painful though, looking at the guy she thought she knew so well. Maybe she had to suffer the fate she had brought on herself. After all, she was the one who started making the ‘moves.’ He pushed her onto the bed, unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers revealing only his boxer shorts. With trembling hands, he unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and dumped it in the pile. He walked to the bed in a rather slow motion, as if he was not too sure what he was going to do next. More like a lion and a prey. He dropped rather heavily on her and looked her straight in the eye. He started brushing his hand on her naked thigh.

She feared the worst. Endurance was her keyword. She was going to go through it, whatever he was about doing to her, she will decide what will become of their relationship later.  She laid there motionless when unexpectedly, he stopped rubbing her thighs. There was still silence in the room. The laptop, which was showing the movie earlier, had even gone off. He looked down at her on the bed and broke into tears. She was amazed at the switch of emotions. She didn’t comprehend. He jumped off her, took the cloth which was folded neatly on the bed, and threw it to her to cover up her nakedness. He picked his clothes from the bed and walked to the adjoining bathroom.

She sat on the bed trying to process everything that had happened. She jumped out of the daze and dressed up, still in a pensive mood. She sat on the bed when she was done, totally at sea of what his next act was going to be. He returned from the bathroom, properly dressed, but looking sullen. He knelt by her feet and broke into uncontrollable tears, while he apologized profusely, blaming the devil for his attempted ‘misdeed.’ She was baffled. She looked down at him and wondered if he knew this guy at all.

Raw Passions: His side of the story

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)

I sat behind her in my room. The more I shifted to the other side of the bed, the closer she drew towards me. I could smell the pomade in her hair and the perfume in her dress. Yes, we have vowed to stay off any form of intimacy including cuddling, kissing ,sex, etc. I only brought her to my room to show her a movie on my laptop and as we watched, she kept snuggling closer and closer to my side. I was feeling uncomfortable, I kept my cool though.

As the smell of her perfume filled my nostrils, it became overbearing. Let’s just say I lost my cool. I drew closer to her now. After all, this is the lady I will be getting married to in future, so what is the big deal if we did something beautiful and different tonight? My blood began to boil as I felt her body close to mine. I started whispering sweet nothings into her ears. I didn’t know what she wanted, but I knew what I wanted. I raised my hand and touched her left breast, she starting whimpering. I could see the fear and confusion in her eyes. Have I misread her emotions? My hand still laid on her breast and she made no attempt to take it off. I pulled a little bit harder at it. The room was silent except for the movie which was still showing on the laptop and the pounding of our hearts.

I have always imagined how our first time was going to be during our honeymoon. Of course, I have assured her I was never going to attempt anything ‘crazy’. We have both vowed to remain chaste. That was months or even years ago. But tonight is different. She was the one who kept snuggling closer. I was the one who kept pulling away. She was the one who started everything, so what am I supposed to do, now that she has succeeded in turning me on. I could feel heat emanating from my body.

I jumped off the bed and pulled her closer to me. She felt warm and God, didn’t she smell good? I held her tight in my arms and shut my eyes, wanting this moment to last. I drew away and tried to read the sentiments in her eyes, since she has suddenly gone dumb. I have been playing this scene several times in my head even before today, but in those scenes, I expected her to pull away. The look on her face spelt fear, but I knew her body wanted something more from me. I pulled her closer again into my arms for a tighter cuddle. It was as if we were being held together by some force, it felt good, I must admit.

I was disorientated too. What is my next move going to be? Should I just leave her to go or I should listen to what was going on ‘down there.’ I held her in my right arm and with my left hand, I tore her dress to see what she has been hiding all these years, and my God, what a sight? She was so beautiful.


Raw Passions : Her Side of the Story I

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)

(Photo Credit- cjoyzv.tumblr.com)


I am  trying my hands on something a bit more creative this time.  Raw Passion is in three parts: two parts from the point of view of the lady and the last part, from the point of view of the guy. Hope you  enjoy it……….

She felt close to him; It was that intimate kind of closeness. As he sat behind her on the bed with his head leaned on her shoulder, he started whispering sweet nothings into her ears. She felt great.

“This is what I have been missing all this while.” She thought to herself. “Something I haven’t experienced yet.”

It felt good and she did not want it to end. She kept inching closer and closer till she could feel him behind her. Suddenly she could feel something heavy of her left breast. She touched and it was his hand.

“What was he trying to do?” she thought

Things started getting a bit rough. She could just feel it, a premonition maybe. The hand that laid on her breast was now pulling it so hard she could feel the pain. Her heart was racing. She was getting scared because this was not what she had had in mind. She tried taking those heavy hands off her breasts, but it seemed he was stronger than she had imagined. She could feel the bulge in his pants. “There!” She thought again, “I have done it.” She had turned him on in the wrong kind of way. “Is there a right and wrong kind of intimacy?” She asked herself.

They have vowed to stay off any form of intimacy including cuddling and kissing till they got married.  But that was months or even years ago. Has he changed his mind? And was it her fault? All she wanted was some closeness. Not all of these.

He got up from behind and stood right in front of her. She thought it was over. But no, he was not finished with her yet. He pulled her in a rather tight embrace now. Very uncomfortable. He pulled away and took a step back. He looked at her intently, rather strangely, as if that was his first time seeing her. It almost felt as if there was fire in his eyes. She knew he was burning with passion and desire. He came closer again and held her tight. Even tighter than before. She could almost taste his desire. But that is something she knew she cannot satisfy simply because they have vowed to stay chaste. A vow is a vow, something that should not be broken so easily, right?

It’s not as if she has it easy. She has also been having her share of sleepless nights. There were times when she felt she needed someone close. But she knew she stood no chance of getting that kind of satisfaction. At least not now. She only sought for closeness, an embrace was what she had in mind. She didn’t mean to wake passions in him. She never imagined this will happen. It was as if he could not pull away from her.

His demeanor suddenly changed. Everything about him became rough, even the embrace. She started fearing what was going to happen next. Still holding her in his right arm, he tore her dress with his left hand. He threw the dress away as he stared at her partially exposed body. She didn’t recognize him at this point.



A letter to my Blog: Tourists Invasion

Dear Blog,

I know you are angry with me for not being a good friend. The agreement was one post a week and it’s been three long weeks since I posted something here. It hasn’t been my fault. We have some visitors from Germany. They are Germans, Caucasians, very white people and Blog, you don’t know what we went through. We (my family) virtually turned the house up-side-down. I don’t know if you are Ghanaian, but I know if you were, you would understand what I mean when I tell you we have ‘white’ people visiting us.

So I have been busy, but I know it’s no excuse for not speaking to you. I miss you a great deal. Blog, on a serious note I want to be rich. I know you are laughing and wondering why the sudden change of mind. Yes, I want to have money and tour the world. I want to visit castles in England, go skiing in Austria and bungy jump in Australia. Blog, people are really having fun touring the world. So younow see why I want to be rich?

Kakum Canopy Walk in Cape Coast

Kakum Canopy Walk in the Central Region

Did I tell you I followed the tourists to Kakum for the famous canopy walk? Oh, sorry. I haven’ t spoken to you in a while, so you probably don’t know. That was my first time and I know most people have spoken to you about it and how they were scared, but yours truly was nervous for the first part of the canopy walk and the rest was like she was walking in her bedroom- no flutters in tummy. In the end, I concluded the canopy walk fear has been hyped or people pretend to fear to catch the attention of others. I have seen videos on Youtube with people weeping while walking on that, but I was full of smiles on that walk. Maybe I need some suggestions on stuff that really scare the hell out of people because the Kakum Canopy Walk failed to do that to me. You could also try it one of these days.

Anyway, I was also at the Elmina Castle and you won’t believe what fellow Ghanaians do to tourists. Can you believe sea shells are sold to tourist for about 5 cedis? Don’t worry, I will show you photos of the shells I am talking about.

The sea shells with the inscription sold to tourists

The sea shells with the inscription sold to tourists

After the sea shells with some inscriptions in marker are handed over to the tourist for a fee, the tourist is given a form to sign and this form is supposed to support some football team in the community, and the poor tourist pays some money after she signs that form. And when I was trying to intercede, my fellow Ghanaian says to me in our local language, “Oh, Madam, why you don’t want us to eat?Let her give us something small.”  So I had to look on for the tourist, who has such a good heart, to support a football team whose match she will never see in her life. So Blog, what will you have done if you were to be in my shoes?

It seems I have spoken so much in this letter, so let me leave you to have some rest. I will definitely speak to you soon. No more long silence. Believe me.

Your Blogger Friend,


Three-Day Professional Photography Experience

A representation of the city-one of my photos

A representation of the city-one of my photos


“She has to know the aperture.” One professional photographer said.
“Yes, I agree. You have to know the ISO, the white balance and the shutter-shock.  You can google those terms. I believe you would understand the terms better and maybe capture better images” Another photographer added in agreement. “She needs to know the camera she is using. She has to get used to it. The camera she is using is powerful. She can capture equally good images with what she has. That is all she needs.” Another male photographer chipped in.
“Aper-what? What is ISO 80, white balance, understand a camera? Why? Is the camera a human being??” Those were my thoughts as the professionals bombarded me with the terms and I believe most of us will find ourselves in a similar situation, if we were to be in the midst of these professional photographers.  It hardly crossed my mind that people will be so fascinated by cameras and understand it’s language so well. To those of us without the eyes, a camera is a camera. It has to take good photos and we will be fine. But the professionals- Simone Gilges from Berlin, Germany and Mamadou Gomis from Darkar, Senegal and the other photographers I met during a three-day workshop understand images. They understand cameras, lenses and tripod stands. They can tell a relationship between an image and it’s environment. They believe photography is a universal language that is understood by all. I have never met a bunch of people appreciating something so passionately such as a simple image, like these photographers.

The Ghanaian reaction to a camera
The young photographers at the workshop were to capture images that represented the city of Accra. Have you ever tried capturing an image in the middle of the city, while everything showed clearly you aren’t a tourist? I believe Ghanaians react differently to the camera,when they can tell you are not a tourist, but just one of them. The reactions varied, but mostly annoying;

“What are you doing with that around your neck(referring to the camera)?”

“What are you going to do with those images, if I should ask?”

“Are you taking the photos abroad?”

“Herr(a rude way of calling somebody in Ghana), please make sure you do not capture me.(this was a warning directed to me)”

“Please, wait for me to pass before you take that photograph.”

Those were a few of the comments I heard. The most annoying one was, “What do you think you are doing? Do you know it’s a security zone? You may be arrested if you are seen with a camera around here?” My reaction was, “Really? Since when did taking photographs of billboards become a crime in the city?” I didn’t know about that, but I put my camera away because of this ‘national security alert.’

I was capturing another image when all of a sudden, I felt an arm wrapped around my neck, I froze in fear, turned around and saw a dark guy with a very wide smile. I looked at his face trying to see if I recognized him, but he smiled more widely, unperturbed. He asked, ” So what are you doing? Which organization do you work for? What are you going to do with the images?” ” I wish to know, maybe I could also apply.” He added. I just stared at him as if I did not understand the language he was using till he left me alone to capture my images.

Now, I appreciate the work of the photographer better.


Representation of the city- another photo of mine

Representation of the city- another photo of mine