Face-to-Face with Macho

I went to Kantomanto to get a new shirt and a pair of shoes for the meeting with the guys. The guys met every Saturday night to either watch the European League on the Bar’s large screen or drink beer and “domedo,” and argue about anything and everything. Last week’s meeting was fun especially when my team won their match. Of course that earned me the bragging right and throughout the night I kept buying more beer for the guys.

This weekend’s meeting is going to be different because Kofi is going to introduce a couple ladies from his office to us. It’s not going to be just the usual drink and “domedo” or football with the guys but we are going to have some pretty ladies on our table. Who knows? One of them will make me change my relationship status – from single to married.  I love being the eligible bachelor. I enjoy the stares I get from ladies every time I walk into a room. Yeah, I know I am handsome and I have style plus I have a lot of money to spend. A few ladies have shown interest but sometimes I feel I am not ready to settle just yet. I guess you must be wondering what I am doing in Katamanto,  if I claim to have so much money.

Well, Katamanto is where I can get original “G-Star” t-shirts. I don’t trust the guys who sell them in the boutiques. I think most of them get their stuff from Togo and after one wash, the design peels off. I have stopped taking chances that is why I am headed to my friend in the market who sells original “G-star” t-shirt at an amazing prize.

It looked like God was angry today because the sun was scorching. It almost burnt my delicate skin.  Sometimes I hate the weather in this country especially when it’s extremely hot like today but I need to look great for the meet-up. I walked straight to my guy’s stall to get my stuff and I got a cool deal. I strolled to the roadside afterwards and flagged my hand to stop a taxi. I told him where I was headed and he agreed to drive me there.

The journey was quite smooth, once in a while we passed comments about the political discussion being transmitted on the radio and I realized

the taxi driver and I shared almost the same opinion over issues. There were no stops mainly on the road because it was a weekend and in a few minutes, we were in front of my house. I bundled my shoes and shirt at the back of the seat, took my wallet out and asked the driver for the fare. He mentioned 20 cedis. I told him I was going to pay 8 cedis because that was the amount I usually paid from Kantamanto to my house.  He insisted 20 cedis and he was going to take nothing else.

“I am not going pay anything more than 8 cedis.” I said, trying to feign calmness.

We kept going back and forth till the driver jumped out of his seat and walked to my side of the car. He opened my door and pulled me off the seat. That was when I realized how the driver was infuriated. He was tall and muscular too. He could easily win the Mr Ghana contest.  He got hold of shirt and raised me high in the air. I became more confused when I felt a punch landing on my lips. I wasn’t too sure if my tooth had fallen off but I could taste blood in my mouth. I tried screaming for help but I was too shy to do that. A lot of people in my neighbourhood respect and admire me not only for my looks but for my wealth (Yeah, I know you are tired of hearing that). Before I could think of what to do next, the driver slipped his hands into my jeans pocket and took out my wallet. He pulled out the last 20 cedis I had and threw my wallet on the road and gave me another punch in my stomach before he dropped me on the ground.

He walked into the taxi and started the ignition. He looked at me lying on and the ground and screamed, “This long journey you want to pay 8 cedis, never try playing smart.  See your ugly face, foolish man.”

And with those words he drove off. I don’t know which stung more: the punches or insults.